Our VigIntelligence service is about monitoring the websites of authorities. We specialize in authorities related to medicine and pharma industry.

The aim of our work is to highlight the exact changes in the monitored websites’ contents. Not only do we point to the modified subpage, but also identify the new content or information compared to the previous data in effect. Moreover, we keep the pre- and post-change state of the documents in our VigIntelligence database, we do not delete or overwrite the entries, and in that way our users can search for previous data.

Every day, we search all the subpages of the sites, looking for updates. Should we find any new information, we record them in our database. The users of our VigIntelligence service are able to search the database 24 hours a day, and they also receive reports according to the settings on their user’s account. 


Monitored sites of the authorities:

Hungarian authorities 



     Magyar Közlöny

International authorities 

      Romanian: Agenția Națională a Medicamentului și a Dispozitivelor Medicale (National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices) 

    Polish: Urząd Rejestracji Produktów Leczniczych, Wyrobów Medycznych I Produktów Biobójczych/Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products

    Bulgarian: Изпълнителна агенция по лекарствата (ИАЛ) - (Bulgarian Drug Agency (BDA))

    Croatian: HALMED (The Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices)



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